Project Process & Schedule

The 2020 SDSASP consists of two separate, but related, efforts – an aviation system plan and an aviation economic impact study. While a system plan identifies needed infrastructure, services, and policy to support continued operation of the State’s air transportation system, an economic impact study analyzes the value of that air transportation system in supporting businesses, transportation of goods, tourism, recreation, emergency operations, and more.

Aviation System Plan

Aviation system plans are guided by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) through Advisory Circular 150/5070-7 The Airport System Planning Process which outlines the major components of the study and the general process for conducting a system plan. The following chart illustrates the tasks that will be conducted as a part of the 2020 SDSASP and their relationship to each other. System planning is not a linear process – each task is unique and informs other tasks as shown below.

Aviation Economic Impact Study

Aviation economic impact studies are often conducted in conjunction with aviation system plans as the two plans overlap in several ways. Calculating and documenting the value of the aviation industry in South Dakota helps illustrate the significance of this transportation network and the importance of working toward meeting the needs of users identified in the system planning process. The tasks and process for conducting the EIS is shown below.

Project Schedule

The 2020 SDSASP project is anticipated to span 18 months as shown in the schedule below. While some tasks are relatively brief, others require significant time to complete, such as the data collection process which will be conducted over the course of 4 months. Check-ins with SDDOT staff, the PAC, the Aeronautics Commission, and the FAA are illustrated below using icons.