Public Outreach

The 2020 SDSASP project team is excited to engage the public throughout the project in a variety of ways. First, this website will be updated with blog posts, draft documents, and more for the duration of the project, providing up-to-date information on the status of the project and offering a comment portal for public input.

Second, a Project Advisory Committee (PAC) has been established for the study with members representing a variety of key aviation stakeholders in South Dakota. These members represent airports, medical operators, ag sprayers, public health officials, economic development agencies, the South Dakota Aeronautics Commission, South Dakota Aviation Association, South Dakota Airport Managers Association, SDDOT Planning, South Dakota Pilots Association, and the FAA. Two in-person meetings with the PAC will be held over the project duration. Copies of the presentations made to the PAC and other meeting materials will be posted here for public review.

PAC Meeting #1 – February 6, 2019

The first of two PAC meetings was held in early February to evaluate, discuss, and modify preliminary system goals and performance measures. Prior to this meeting, SDDOT staff and the project team met to review the measures from the previous system plan and discuss key issues impacting aviation in the state. The previous plan had 9 measures (called objectives). After meeting with SDDOT staff in December, the project team identified over 30 potential measures for discussion and review with the PAC. The project team presented these potential measures and hosted some interactive exercises to help identify those measures that were most important and most impactful to South Dakota’s aviation system users and stakeholders. A copy of the presentation and meeting materials is provided below, along with some photos of the interactive exercises with the PAC. The input received in this meeting has a direct impact on the measures to which South Dakota airports will be held to moving forward.