Study Documents

As the SDSASP and EIS project progresses, study documents will be made available on this page for public review and comment. In addition to draft chapters, links to economic impact surveys will also be available on this page as they are developed and deployed. Please check back often as new study materials will be posted regularly.

Final Documents

The following links provide access to the final 2020 SDSASP documents.


Key to the success of the 2020 SDSASP is the collection of data from various aviation system users. To collect this data, the project team is using a variety of survey instruments tailored to different types of users and stakeholders, including visitors, airport tenants, and businesses that rely on South Dakota airports or base aircraft at system airports. Each of these surveys is available online via the links below. If you prefer to have a PDF of the survey sent to you instead, please contact Regan Schnug of Kimley-Horn at or 614-454-6701.

  • Businesses that Rely on South Dakota Airports or Base Aircraft
    • Businesses that Base Aircraft at South Dakota Airports
    • Businesses that Rely on South Dakota Airports (that do not base aircraft)