Update #2

The SDSASP project team has made great progress since our last update in February. Thanks to the input from the Project Advisory Committee, the team developed and refined the system goals and performance measures that are guiding the development of the 2020 SDSASP. In addition, the team completed a comprehensive inventory effort, collecting and analyzing the data collected from the 56 system airports.  The collected data is being used to draft the Inventory Chapter of the plan and the database will be used throughout the project for subsequent analysis purposes. In addition to the inventory, the project team has been working closely with SDDOT to begin the assessment of airport roles and criteria. The airport roles analysis is a crucial step in the system planning process because it distinguishes the different types of service levels that system airports provide.  Most recently, effort has gone into formulating and distributing surveys for the associated economic impact study. Contact information collected during the inventory effort is being used to survey airport tenants, businesses with based aircraft at system airports, and businesses who rely on system airports. Visitor spending surveys are being collected from visitors of Rapid City Regional Airport, Sioux Falls Regional Airport and other system airports, with over 400 survey responses already received. Web links to the economic impact surveys can be found on the Study Documents page!

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