Update #3

The SDSASP project team has been busy completing several components of the 2020 SDSASP since the last update in July. With input from SDDOT, the FAA, the Project Advisory Committee (PAC), and other stakeholders, Chapter 2: Inventory of Existing Conditions and Chapter 3: Airport Roles were finalized and are available on the Study Documents page! Preliminary forecasts of aviation activity have been developed and the analyses of system performance have been initiated. The team is looking forward to presenting the system performance findings at the second PAC meeting in early December. The results of the system analysis and input from the PAC will be used to determine future performance targets for the system and identify recommended projects to meet those targets.

Economic impact data collection has been completed, and economic modeling is underway to determine the economic impacts of aviation in South Dakota. The economic impact study will use data gathered from airports, tenants, reliant businesses, and visitors to determine total impacts. Special activities including South Dakota’s pheasant hunting and agriculture industries and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally will be highlighted as they generate additional unique impacts through their reliance on air transportation.

Check back often as updates are posted and study documents are uploaded! As always, please reach out to the team via the Contact page with any questions or comments.

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