Update #5

The SDSASP project team is excited to announce the conclusion of the 2020 South Dakota State Aviation System Plan and Aviation Economic Impact Study (2020 SDSASP and AEIS)! The final findings of the 2020 SDSASP and AEIS were presented to the South Dakota Aeronautics Commission in June. The Commissioners, the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT), and the general public were in attendance at the meeting and had an opportunity to ask questions and discuss the findings during the presentation.

Since then, the project team has completed and delivered all final products, including a web-based data management and mapping tool designed to support continuous planning efforts. The SDDOT Office of Aeronautics will use this tool to make informed decisions about their aviation system using real-time data. The tool tracks current performance and analyzes progress towards the future performance targets established in the 2020 SDSASP. In addition, the 2020 SDSASP and AEIS technical report was produced and is available to review here, along with the executive summary that highlights the major findings of the study.

The 2020 SDSASP and AEIS will support the efforts of the Office of Aviation to efficiently and effectively plan for the next 20 years of airport maintenance and development. The technical report, in conjunction with the web-based tool, will help identify opportunities for improvements within the aviation system to “move the needle” to achieve system goals. These deliverables will also aid in estimating potential funding needs, and will be used to increase stakeholder awareness and emphasize the importance of continued financial support from local, state, and federal agencies.

On behalf of the entire project team, THANK YOU to all who have participated throughout this process and provided meaningful input to make this study a success!

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